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Sacred Vow
by C.G. Walters

About the Book
About the Author
A Conversation with C.G. Walters
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About the Book

Have you ever realized an unnerving intimacy with someone on your first encounter? Were you unable to deny the bond between you, even though acknowledgement might thoroughly disrupt the life and the view of the world that you currently held and were comfortable with?

Ian Sarin encounters such a familiar, except she is not of his world. Without explanation, he is drawn into her world and into various other realities where they live alternate lives together.  The travels have damaging effects on his health and hers, sending him scrambling to understand how and why they have come together. Much to Ian’s amazement, he finds out that he and Katerina are key elements of an ancient ritual periodically performed by a nature-based order in a parallel reality, the Sisterhood of Crones. The ritual brings together two individuals from disparate realities, but of one spirit, to heal a growing rift in the Collective Consciousness—A  breach that threatens us all—There is more to the legend of the joining between the couple than the Sisterhood will allow to be known. As Ian learns the part he and Katerina are destined to play and the vast ties they have, he and those around him come to realize that life and the world before them was never as one dimensional as they had imagined.

          Sacred Vow is first and foremost a metaphysical love story, a tale of soul mates—twin  flames—a journey toward our one true love…in its infinite expressions…bringing together two individuals from disparate realities—but

one spirit—to heal the rift in the Collective Consciousness.


About the Author

            Born in 1956 on a farm in Efland, N.C., C.G. acquired a hunger for ever more inspiring stories when his mother frequently read to him as a very small child. Perhaps his inherited connection to the land was also the initiation to a lifelong fascination for earth-based spiritual philosophies.

            Never believing that writing was a possible vocation, his primary focus was always involvement in one of a range of professions: farm labor, wood working, programming, construction, and many others—He never found something that his spirit could be at peace with. His writings—private and hidden away—were always a means to make that spiritual connection, but the writing was invariably sporadic since childhood . . . bringing out something within him that he could neither avoid nor fully accept.

            In 1994, C.G. and his wife left what would appear to most to be a “successful” life in the countryside outside of a very popular Southern town. They moved to rustic conditions in the mountains of NC. He took with him several of his original books that he had never allowed to be complete . . . and a proclamation that now he was going to find the one work he could have a passion for.  Though he wrote, the results continued to be stored away and occupy a secondary priority to employment, walking up the mountains, and the demands of every day: patching the roof, chopping wood, etc.

In 2004 Sacred Vow came from one of his periodic excursions into the growing private collection of books. It was to be a five-thousand word exercise to prepare for the return to a specific, long-neglected manuscript. Several times the new work exceeded the limits of his intention. Each time he defined the beginning later in the action and pursued an ending. Finally, C.G. acknowledged the power and determination of the novel unfolding before him. Once the writing was complete, he experienced again the capacity of certain tales to take on a life and will of their own. Sacred Vow refused to be cloistered as were its predecessors.

A Conversation with C.G. Walters

Q) Give us an overview of the story and its main characters - Katerina & Ian.
A) Sacred Vow is a journey toward our one true love…in its infinite expressions.
     An unlimited number of alternate/parallel realities exist in the very space we believe our world, alone, to reside. Many of these alternate realities are unaware of each other, while inhabitants in some are not only aware, but interact with parallel realities for the good of the whole. The proper combination of energetic interactions can open up our perceptions of these alternate lives/worlds. Ian Sarin, a computer programmer with a strong drawing toward the intuitive, finds that such a portal has opened before him. Not only is he aware and interacting with a parallel world, but the person he interacts with, Katerina, is a member of a culture structured around a monastic order of mystical women, highly sensitive and attuned to the needs of the universe they live in. Ian also comes to realize that he has not accidentally achieved this expanded reality perception.
     The Sisterhood to which Katerina belongs has historically assisted the Collective Consciousness to heal a rift that threatens us all when it occurs. Since antiquity, when called by the Collective, they have performed a ritual to bring together two individuals from disparate realities but one spirit, a member of their order and a second person who has received a chosen message from the Collective. Unaware of any such communication, Ian is that second individual at this time in history.
Q) What is the “rift” that your characters are to resolve?
A) The rift in the Collective Consciousness of the book is just as in our everyday world . . . a growing disassociation that people have from other people, the earth we live in, other life forms, disassociation between their own thoughts and the physical results.
Q) As the book begins, Katerina is seeking the Union. What is this Union?
A) The Union is a term used by the mythology of Katerina’s order to refer to an individual outside their primary reality who is the Spirit Mate of the understudy of the Crone Mother during a time of a rift in the Collective Consciousness. The solution to the rift is bringing the Union and the understudy together to realize they are of one spirit, one true love, thereby bonding over the span between their separate worlds and healing the rift.
Q) What do you mean by “one true love in its infinite expressions”?
A) I mean there is one connection, above all others, that can make us feel whole, like our full selves.
Do you think what happens to Ian and Katerina is really possible?
A) Yes, I believe the experiences that define and affect our lives frequently exceed the confines of what is readily acceptable by the purely logical mind.
Q) How did the book come about?
A) It started as a casual conversation my wife, Kathy, and I were having.
     At the time, I had just begun to write short stories to prepare myself to return to several novels that I had left unfinished for some time. Sacred Vow was to be the third of these exercises, but it had greater ambitions. Three times it grew beyond my five thousand word limit. I started later in the story and continued. Finally, I accepted that this story would be a novel and followed where it wanted to lead.
Q) What was it like writing this book?
A) The initial story had a mind of its own. Once I was willing to accept it as a novel and not a short story, it came quite fast. My daytime job got downsized, so I started writing full time. For 3 weeks I would write 10-12 hrs a day. It was like meditating all the while I followed this story.
Q) What do you want readers to get out of reading Sacred Vow – or take from the story?
A) With any luck, maybe the story will urge people to consider the possibility that we are all one and interacting with/affecting even individuals we are not aware of. We all need to respond to the call to allow this world to remain an environment conducive to living, not only surviving.
     Mostly I hope the book will be a mantra, to bring people to their own truth.

Q) If the book is intended to deliver a message, why do you chose to write fiction?
A) I see fiction not as a “non-truth”, but as a possible means to induce the reader into comfortably ‘allowing’ their personal truth—a living, ever progressing truth, fit to their need at any given time—as opposed to a truth dictated outside themselves and rigid.
Q) Can we expect a sequel? Does Ian and Katerina’s story continue?
A) Before Sacred Vow made itself known to me I was in the process of working my way through a novel about a couple in a different kind of a paranormal relationship.
Q) Do you have other books?
A) About 5 more in various stages of completion and about twice that many that are merely in the conceptual stages.
Q) Do you have a message or philosophy that you are trying to get out? Or are inclined to present?
A) I don’t believe I have any idea that I am trying to get out. I see my writing as a method of my own learning of something that comes to me through the solitary practice. Publishing the result allows me a second stage of learning from the material when the readers share with me what they perceived from the work.
     My personal beliefs may well include what is found in the book. I may have held the belief for some time, or I may have only come to be aware of it during the writing of the book.
Q) What is your personal philosophy?
A) At this time?
Q) At this time…
A) I use to search for “the one truth”. The closest I have ever encountered for me is:
1) Truth is defined by the perceiver. What is salvation to one is poison to another.
2) Truth is but a resting place until the next revelation. [From Strike a Chord of Silence, C.G. Walters]
3) In the mind of the Absolute, every ‘truth’ is true, false, both true and false simultaneously, neither true nor false, all and none of the above. In the human mind concepts are segmented into subjective categories like truth and non-truth. In an intelligence so vast as to be able to create a forest, I do not believe one could dare imagine it would be so limited to 'either/or'.

Praise for Sacred Vow

"Sacred Vow is a metaphysical novel about a man who responds to the mysterious call of a woman, opening the way to redefinition of both himself and his understanding of the world around him. He takes his first steps on a journey to accept the world around him as a place to live, not simply a place to survive day-to-day. Sacred Vow is both a narrative and the means for the author to communicate a positive message about life and fully integrating the most into each moment. Highly Recommended."

—Midwest Book Review

"Sacred Vow shares with us the magic of a loving commitment that spans time and the understanding that such a commitment needs to be held sacred." Monthly Aspectarian , Chicago


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